9 Best Dumbbell Brands In India [Buying Guide 2023]

Many people can’t afford a gym as in some areas because the gym is overpriced. But there are few ways where you can manage your health and fitness by doing a home workout. Below I have mentioned some equipment that will help you to complete your home workout. By reviewing several dumbbells I have come up with the listed 9 best dumbbell brands in India 2023 which will help you to maintain your fitness at home.

What are Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are an essential piece of workout equipment for building strength at home or the gym. With a variety of brands in India offering dumbbells, it can be tricky to know which ones to trust for quality and durability. In this article, we’ve researched and curated the 9 best dumbbell brands available in India right now. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first set of weights, or a seasoned lifter needing heavy commercial-grade dumbbells, you’ll find the best dumbbell sets for your needs from reputable Indian brands. We’ve evaluated factors like construction materials, weight increments, warranty and expert recommendations to provide this definitive ranking of the top dumbbell brands in India. Keep reading for reviews of our top picks to find the ideal dumbbells to power your workouts!

Types Of Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells


Adjustable dumbbells are the commonest kind of dumbbells, which are used by people who are beginners/experienced in weight lifting activities. These are the dumbbells you might need a house. Adjustable dumbbells include a bar of steel that bears a crosshatch sample within the heart to enhance the handgrip. You’ll be able to slide weight plates onto the ends of the dumbbell and save them with collars.

I personally have a set of adjustable bells at the house for each time I’ve no time for the gymnasium. They require extra focus when used at the house, as within the gymnasium, I can naturally keep away from distractions.

Fixed-weight Dumbbells


They’re seemingly the primary dumbbells that you just set your eyes on if you first entered a gymnasium. The gym-style dumbbells have fastened weights for particular workouts. The most affordable choices are manufactured from an inflexible plastic shell crammed up with concrete. Common merchandise is created from forged iron and is perhaps coated with neoprene or rubber for better grip. These dumbbells are suitable for people who have some experience(Intermediate) in weight training.

As a drawback, these dumbbells have customary weights of 2-20kg. The most affordable choice is to buy a single pair and use it for routine workouts until you uncover extra methods to make use of them.

Selectorized Dumbbells


Selectorized dumbbells are similar to adjustable ones. They add an additional sparkle to your exercise routine as you’ll be able to change weights simpler. These dumbbells set are highly recommended for experts. Because of the higher design, they’re additionally extra resistant. You modify the variety of plates when the deal is lifted by shifting a selector pin or turning a dial.

No extra handbook altering. They’re by far the costliest dumbbells you will get when you plan to make serious funding in weight gears.

Must Read Things You Should Know Before Buying Dumbbells Below Before Moving Towards the list of Best Dumbbell Brands Online.

Top 9 Best Dumbbell Brands In India 2023

1) Aurion Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell

2) Cockatoo Dumbbell Set Rubber Coated

3) Protoner PVC Dumbbell Set Adjustable

4) Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbells

5) Kore PVC-DM Dumbbells with Gym Accessories

6) Amazon Basics Cast Iron Hexagon Dumbbell

7) Amazon Basics Vinyl Dumbbells

8) Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbells Weights Fitness Home Gym

9) Bodygrip Dumbbell Set Combo

1) Aurion Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell


1) Aurion set of dumbbells is a solid steel dumbbell that comes at a low price to support the budget of home gym equipment and is the cheapest dumbbells online in India

2) It mainly comes with options 2kg, 4kg, 7.5kg. This means you will get a pair of 2kg, 4kg, and 7kg dumbells.

3) The quality which is used to prepare this dumbbell is very excellent with weighs proper when tested with the digital weighing machine.

4) It has a rubber grip in the middle thus giving you a perfect grip while workout.

5) This product is basically for beginners who want to give a try for basic exercises with dumbbells.

6) Finishing of the dumbbell comes with a metal that is specially designed to protect your floor from getting broken.

7) You can unscrew the weights from the rod which is one of the best things I liked about this product.

Things We Liked:

  • Having Balanced Weights
  • Comes with Good Quality
  • Fits in your budget
  • Beginners choice

Things We Liked:

  • Dumbbells can roll when placed on ground
  • Grip will get slippery because of sweat

2) Cockatoo Dumbbell Set Rubber Coated


1) Cockatoo Rubber Coated Dumbbell is basically for the intermediate who has experience of at least one month in the gym.

2) The hex design is tremendous, the dumbbell is simple to position on the ground and it would not roll on the floor.

3) The rubber coating makes the Cockatoo Dumbbell simple to position on flooring without considering if the ground will get broken.

4) There are various pairs that come with the dumbbells from 2.5 kg pair to 20 kg.

5) These dumbells are valued for money because of the finished design and equal amount of weights both the side.

6) Due to its long-lasting rubber-coated material, it can definitely go for several years thus preventing leg injuries and is one of the powerblock dumbbells in India.

7) These dumbbells are bit costly as the product comes with rubber coating so to prevent us from injuries.

8) This Brand is one of the best dumbbell brands in India with the highest number of positive review from the genuine customers.

Things We Liked:

  • Rubber coating prevents dumbbells from rust
  • Hexagonal shape allows dumbbell to be fixed in one position
  • Durability is long-lasting when not in used.
  • Amazing quality

Things We Liked:

  • Price is bit costly but totally worth it

3) Protoner PVC Dumbbell Set Adjustable


1) Protoner PVC 10 kg dumbbells are basically for intermediates who have past experience in the workout place. It comes under the category of adjustable dumbbells India

2) This cheap dumbbell set is basically made up of PVC which is equally weighted on both sides but it has the possibility to break when falling from a certain height.

3) Protonver is an honest pair of dumbbells and good ridged handles for the good grip however the grip could be very uncomfortable as it’s threaded metallic which pokes in your hand which lifting.

4) The shape is basically round so you have to take little precaution that it does not roll off the place.

5) This product comes with 2x5KG weight lifting plates, 2x 15-inch dumbbell rods with the plastic screws to support plates.

6) This PVC dumbbell set is best for your home workout session which is durable even it is not used frequently.

7) The quality of the dumbbell is incredible but the PVC material which is used is quite delicate to handle.

Things We Liked:

  • Adjustable weights help in a variation of exercises
  • Quality is long lasting
  • Equal weights on both sides
  • It is not that costly

Things We Liked:

  • Weight plates are large in size
  • PVC material can break when fallen from a huge height

4) Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbells


1) The Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbell set comes in pairs from 1 to 20 pounds, but the set we’re recommending is the lower pound at the beginning. This dumbbell set comes under the category of one of the best dumbbells set online for beginners.

2) If you think you can’t get a meaningful workout using a pair of low-weight dumbbells, try holding them in an arm outstretched and parallel to the floor for a few minutes until you feel the burn.

3) these low-budget dumbells set also include the stand which is strong and durable for holding weights when you are busy with a jog or during calisthenic exercises, etc.

4) Low-weight dumbbells are great for people doing physical therapy, for older exercisers, or for people who are looking more for toning and leaner muscle.

5) The dumbbells are color-coded for quick and easy identification and are entirely coated with a thick layer of neoprene.

6) This covering enhances grip security and comfort and also protects flooring and furniture from a dropped weight.

7) These neoprene dumbbells come with a variety of sizes and colors thus being flexible for beginners to intermediate.

8) These beginner dumbbells set will surely provide you with balanced exercises which will indirectly result in ineffective outcomes.

Things We Liked:

  • It is made for beginners
  • Neoprene makes the dumbbells long-lasting
  • Stand to hold dumbbells properly
  • It does not slip from sweaty hands due to its grip
  • Variety of weights for exercise
  • Worth for money

Things We Liked:

  • Weights are limited till 5 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • Only for beginners

5) Kore PVC-DM Dumbbells with Gym Accessories


1) Kore PVC has been the most popular dumbbells when it comes to adjustable dumbbells for cheap price online.

2) The handles and screws on the dumbbells are constructed of good quality and robust. It is for the intermediate who have experienced in heavy weight training.

3) Seems it comes it approach too many benefits from no rust to no fear in regards to the flooring for those who drop them.

4) You need to bit cautious about the weight when you drop them due to it is made up of PVC they can break if fallen from a huge distance but a small distance can go well.

5) The nuts are basically made up of plastic, so you need to a bit cautious about putting weights but it is good though.

6) The weights are equally distributed along with both the size so to give you a perfect benefit while lifting.

7) This dumbbell set combo is useful for individuals who need to exercise at house or need to construct some energy earlier than becoming a member of the fitness center.

8) It has the gloves, one hand gripper and a skipping rope that are of common high quality. coming to the plates, it’s made up of PVC with some seashore

9) The nuts are additionally fabricated from plastic, however, the dumbbell rods are of metallic and good although. The heavier plates are bit outsized and may turn into a little uncomfortable to exercise initially.

Things We Liked:

  • The complete package is less costly
  • Different of weight plates for variations in exercise
  • Easy replacements of weights
  • Balanced weights on both sides

Things We Didn’t Liked:

  • Grip is bit slippery but gloves are within the package itself
  • Weight plates are oversized
  • Nuts are of plastic can catch rust

6) Amazon Basics Cast Iron Hexagon Dumbbell


1) Amazon Basics came up with many new products in gym equipment and is basically helping a huge amount of people due to the quality and durability of the products.

2) These Hexagonal Dumbbells are best for resistance coaching for arms, chest, shoulder, etc.

3) It has been made from stable high-quality forged iron for the durability of the dumbells and colored in black to prevent it from rust.

4) It comes in Hexagon-shaped that it stop rolling the dumbbells ended up being in one place.

5) These dumbbells which are the product of amazon comes with a variety of sizes from 4.5 Kg to 27 Kg.

6) The one thing is weird about the handle is, it is a bit skinny which you will feel weird because of the two equal weights on both sides.

7) These dumbbells especially come with solid cast-iron core for high-quality strength for long durability.

8) This Amazon product Iron Cast dumbbells are one of the Best dumbbell set India.

Things We Liked:

  • One of the best quality dumbbells
  • Rubber coating can increase the life of dumbbells
  • Specially for intermediates
  • Shape holds the dumbbells in initial position

Things We Liked:

  • It is bit costly but totally worth it for quality and durability

7) Amazon Basics Vinyl Dumbbells


1) These hand-held weights are very nice for beginners who want to level up their health at the starting period of the time.

2) Every dumbbell contains a non-slip vinyl exterior that’s straightforward to grip and doesn’t harm surfaces.

3) These cheap price dumbbells are designed for every age of people who are trying exercise for the first time, weighing from 2 pounds to 20 pounds.

4) Best to purchase multiple sets conveniently color-coded in vibrant shades to point their particular person weights.

5) These dumbbells are made up of vinyl coating which is nonslippery even though you get sweat thus help you to complete the workout.

6) These high-quality cheap price dumbbells set come in a variety of colors so to prevent the handles from rust and equally balanced on both sides.

7) Made in Hexagonal shape avoid dumbbell to roll from the initial position.

8) AmazonBasics dumbbells not solely assist burn energy and construct muscle however are unbreakable when fallen from a certain height.

Things We Liked:

  • Vinyl Covered dumbbells has high durability
  • It doesn’t catch rust when not in use
  • Good start are beginners
  • Price is less costly

Things We Liked:

  • Maximum weight of dumbbells are of 10 kg.

8) Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbells Weights Fitness Home Gym


1) The AURION PVC5 plastic dumbbells are good for the health freaks who are the beginning stage of exercise.

2) The weights range from 2 kg to 10 kg PVC weight is sturdy and supplies a strong exercise to your physique.

3) They have an ergonomic grip which prevents dumbbell to slip.

4) The dumbbells are 10 kgs every (5 kgs on both sides equally). They supply the proper stability of weights to pump your muscular tissues up. These are the very basic dumbbells that can be purchased online for a cheaper price.

5) Made up of PVC materials that prevent dumbells from rusting, thus providing this dumbbell a long life.

6) The design is uncommon which will definitely don’t allow the rolling of dumbbell from its fixed place.

7) They’re constructed in a user-friendly method in order to offer the health freak the proper grip and stability whereas lifting the dumbbells as a way to pump the muscular tissues.

Things We Liked:

  • Quality is excellent
  • Balanced weight on both sides
  • PVC for rust protection
  • Strong grip

Things We Liked:

  • This dumbbells comes with maximum weight of 10 kg.

9) Bodygrip Dumbbell Set Combo


1) Body Grip Dumbbells are not ideal for the serious power-lifter, for most strength-training enthusiasts, these weights are a great option because they’re easy to use and affordable.

2) The quality of the product is quite impressive and long-lasting in a low budget thus making it durable for later usage.

3) The best part about this equipment is that you can track your strength by increasing or decreasing weights as per your strength, thus making it the best combo dumbbells set brand in India.

4) The inch-thick grips are a perfect size for most hands and the fact that you can adjust each dumbbell from as light as a pound or so when the handle is unladen to many dozens of pounds makes them quite versatile.

5) The weights are equally distributed on both sides of weight plates thus making it well balanced.

6) The adjustable weights you get from the package is 2 kg x 4 and 1 kg x 4 plates black with 2 rods 14 inches

7) Sometimes the grip becomes slippery because of sweat to counter this it includes gym gloves in the package.

8) Bodygrip budget proof will lead you to a good start for your home exercise making them the best combo dumbbell set in India.

Things We Liked:

  • Gives you variations in weights
  • It is less costly
  • Balanced Weight on both sides

Things We Liked:

  • Weight plates are large
  • Sweat can lose the grip a bit but gloves are provided

Things You Should Know Before Buying Dumbbells

Before buying the best dumbbell set brand in India the following criteria should be fulfilled:


It’s possible you’ll not assume that the shape of your dumbbells is all that essential. Some dumbbells are spherical/rounded and people can find it annoying and uncomfortable while workout as a result of they find rolling away from you the second you place them down.

The perfect option to go along with is a dumbbell that has hexagonal formed weighted heads as a result of the flat sides will sit firmly on the bottom in a single spot.


One of the main considerations to remember when buying dumbbells for a home workout is the load. In case you are a newbie and simply desire a mild weightlifting exercise it’s best to get lighter dumbbells. Alternatively, in case you are already pretty skilled at weight lifting, it’s possible you’ll wish to go for the heavier ones.

Keep in mind that dumbbells can vary in weights as per your strength and quite a lot of weight ranges so you possibly can slowly work your method up from lighter ones to heavier ones.

Grip & Deal with

This the most important factor while purchasing any dumbbells. Ideally talking, your dumbbells ought to have textured handles that allow slipping and damage. Many dumbbells come with the type of textured metallic or a neoprene coating which makes the grip of the dumbbells strong and also making it durable for future use.

Many people also purchase gym gloves as a grip usually required for metallic handles, which has the possibility to slip when sweaty otherwise neoprene coating dumbells are usually best for the grips.


There’s nothing higher than metallic as a result of metallic is powerful, and when in comparison with different options it’s the least more likely to break. That being mentioned many fashionable dumbbells have a rubber or neoprene coatings, generally simply on the weighted heads, or generally on the entire thing.

Dumbbells with a rubber coating simply on the heads are superb as a result of the rubber serves to make them extra sturdy, it reduces noise once you put them down and likewise helps scale back the ache of dropping a dumbbell in your toes.

Furthermore, neoprene coated dumbbells could be fairly helpful, particularly for lighter exercises and individuals who want an elevated quantity of grip; neoprene undoubtedly helps you cope with slippery and sweaty arms.


We hope this list of the 9 best dumbbell brands in India has helped you identify the right dumbbell set to meet your fitness needs and goals. When choosing among the top dumbbell brands in India, be sure to consider your budget, weight needs, material quality, and warranty coverage. Investing in a quality set of dumbbells tailored to your fitness level and strength training routine can really optimize your workouts. From reviewing a variety of dumbbells set online we made up a list of the best dumbbells for a home gym. But the one which we personally suggest you is “Cockatoo Dumbbell Set Rubber Coated“. Go for it blindly. Hope you have liked our article on the best dumbbell brands in India 2023.

Let us know if you have any other questions as you shop for the ideal dumbbells to power your workouts effectively!

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