6 Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use [Buying Guide]

Are you searching for Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use? After reviewing various finger pulse oximeters I have listed 6 Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use along with this I have mentioned a guide that will surely help you to find out the Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India 2023.

Monitoring your oxygen saturation levels at home is important, especially if you have a respiratory condition like asthma or COPD. A finger pulse oximeter is an easy, affordable way to keep tabs on your oxygen levels. These small devices clip onto your fingertip and use red and infrared light to determine the oxygen saturation in your blood. But with so many models on the market, how do you know which is the best pulse oximeter for home use? We’ve tested and reviewed the top-rated options to bring you the 6 best picks for accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Whether you need a basic model or one with extra features like memory storage and phone connectivity, we’ll help you find the right pulse oximeter to suit your needs and budget. Keep reading to learn more!

So first you need to know

When Should You Use A Finger Pulse Oximeter?

Finger Pulse Oximeters are usually used when you have complaints/symptoms like:

  • Respiratory snoring and occasional detention during sleep;
  • Frequent desire to use the toilet (more than twice) at night;
  • Breath-shortness complaints and night-time breathing difficulties;
  • Restless sleep, sweating, feeling weak and tired after waking;
  • Morning headaches of varying intensities noted;
  • Tissue cyanosis (blue discoloration);
  • Feeling very tired and drowsy during the day;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux, nocturnal belching.

If the symptoms are continuous then then you should go for an

If the symptoms are continuous then then you should go for an Best Pulse Oximeter Online which will show you the accurate and clear readings.

Now let’s get to the list of the 6 Best Finger Pulse Oximeter for Home Use which we have made for you

6 Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use

1. Dr Trust Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter (Professional Series)

2. BPL Medical Technologies Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

3. Dr Trust (USA) Finger Pulse Oximeter

4. Hesley Pulse Finger Oximeter

5. AmbiTeh Pulse Finger Oximeter

6. Hesley Pulse Oximeter Fingertip sensor

I have arranged them into points so it will be easy for you to buy Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use

1. Dr Trust Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter (Professional Series)


1) The Finger Pulse Oximeter which topped our list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use is Dr trust Oximeter is specially designed for the non-invasive measurements of the heartbeat & Arterial Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2).

2) This pulse oximeter is broadly used within the clinics, hospitals, but nowadays it has begun to a very important part of the house because of sufferers with respiratory illnesses like bronchial asthma, emphysema, and so on.

3) It gives us a real-time accurate reading in 6 seconds and shuts down automatically whenever you take away your finger.

4) This oximeter monitors the various levels of breaths you’re taking in a single minute whereas at relaxation. A large fluctuation may result in bradypnea, apnea, etc.

5) The fingertip clip is very smooth and simple to use on completely different physique components and a variety of finger sizes.

6) This finger pulse oximeter brand is the best oximeter in India, works effectively with all age persons, and the most effective for providing pediatric home care. It is a small, compact, and modern design that comes with eight modes to show SpO2, PR pulse measurements rapidly, and precisely on a large twin color and multi-directional OLED show.

7) By using this pulse oximeter you will easily able to monitor bronchial asthma and forestalling hypoxia. Hypoxia, a common well-being condition experienced by skiers, mountain climbers, pilots, and other individuals who go to places of high altitudes, the location where blood oxygen drops down instantly.

8) PI indicates the force of the pulse at the sensor position. Although daily pulse rates in the waveform graph ensure readings are accurate.

9) Dr Trust Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter is made up of high-quality ABS materials. Hypoallergenic latex-free materials are coated in the finger chamber making it anti-allergic for all these with delicate pores and skin. Whereas its compact design makes it easy and portable to use.


  • Accurate Measurements
  • Fast And Reliable Measurements
  • Water-Resistant (Handle splash of water)
  • Hypoallergenic Design
  • Small And Compact Design
  • Multi-directional OLED Screen Display
  • Good quality


  • Price is bit costly
  • Battery Life Is not upto the mark

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2. BPL Medical Technologies Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter


1) The very second in the list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use is BPL Oximeter a transportable fingertip SPO2 (Oxygen Saturation in the blood) monitor that has six-display modes and four direction display and can be used for youth and adults.

2) This BPL Pulse Oximeter is durable because of its quality design(can be improved) and is very easy to use.

3) It gives us the accurate measurements of the ranges of blood oxygen, the pulse fee, and the graph Perfusion Index ( PI)

4) This 2nd best finger pulse oximeter quickly detect adjustments in your blood oxygen degree with a function to examine how effectively your coronary heart pumps oxygen through your physique.

5) Color OLED screen with a 4-directional display and user-configured alarms in finger oximeter helps in visual clarity and convenience for users.

6) Perfusion index is an indicator of the frequency of pulses at the sensor site. The PI values for very weak pulses range from 0.02 percent to 20 percent for extremely strong pulses.

7) Precision measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood with a minimum deviation of + /-2 percent and the pulse rate with a minimum deviation of + /-2 bpm.

8) It also comes with a battery status indicator to make sure it is not misbehaving because of low battery.

9) Battery-powered, compact, and simple to carry describes convenience with a user-friendly interface.


  • OLED Display
  • User-friendly Design
  • Accurate Measurements
  • Effective results
  • Pleasant Person Style


  • Build quality can be improved
  • Not a Water-Resistant Product

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3. Dr Trust (USA) Finger Pulse Oximeter


1) The Pulse Oximeter which deserves the fourth position in our list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use is Dr Trust (USA) oximeter is designed to measure the heart rate and Arterial Blood Oxygen Saturation ( SpO2) non-invasively and is oximeter best company so far.

2) This pulse oximeter shows real-time analysis within 6 seconds and shuts down robotically when you are taking your finger away.

3) It is protected from an accidental splash of water thus the material is waterproof and not water-resistant.

4) PI indicates the force of the pulse at the sensor position. Although daily pulse rates in the waveform graph ensure readings are accurate.

5) The chamber is coated with Hypoallergenic latex-free materials so the inside layer of the finger chamber will be anti-allergic. The materials used in this pulse oximeter are of high-quality to make it robust.

6) The fingertip clip is easy and clear to use on entirely different elements of the physique and a range of finger sizes. That’s easy to use without taking an artery blood pattern. If these measurements do not attain the usual level, a buzzing alarm sounds.

7) It needs 2 alkaline AAA batteries and shuts off robotically if you do not end up using them. Moreover, this fingertip pulse oximeter uses much less energy and implies when the battery is small.

8) This lightweight, compact pulse oximeter comes with an innovative design and eight modes to shortly view SpO2, PR pulse measurements on a large twin color, and multi-directional OLED screen.

9) It is widely used in clinics, hospitals, and houses to monitor sudden changes in the patients suffer from respiratory diseases like COPD, COAD, bronchial asthma, and etc.

10) This Finger Pulse Oximeter fits well for all age persons and is one of the best for delivering home and hospital pediatric treatment.


  • Show Accurate and Easily Readable Readings
  • Hypoallergenic Design
  • Painless use
  • Compact in Design
  • Easily Portable
  • Water-Resistant


  • Built quality can be improved
  • Cost is a bit high but totally worth it


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4. Hesley Finger Pulse Oximeter


1) The pulse oximeter which occupies the fourth position in the list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use is Helsey Finger Pulse Oximeter is known for its accuracy and this oximeter good brand in supplying the finest Oximeters in India.

2) This Oximeter is mainly for home use, sports, and also for those interested in monitoring their SpO2 consistently whose pulse levels become irregular. For example mountaineers, skiers, bikers

3) A high-quality content made from ABS makes it durable. Within the finger chamber, hypoallergenic latex-free material is coated which makes it anti-allergic to all those with sensitive skin.

4) After taking out the finger the oximeter shuts down within 8 seconds to conserve battery and maximize the use of life.

5) Already equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter automatically offers up to 24 continuous hours of battery life when not in use.

6) This portable equipment is water-resistant but not waterproof which can easily handle a splash of water.

7) The nature of one-button operation makes its display of oxygen saturation easy and convenient to use.

8) Along with its easy nature of use, the device is very compact and easy to carry and portable for use which makes it the oximeter of a good brand.

9) Only insert one of their fingers into the photoelectric fingertip sensor, then the screen will clearly show an accurate result.

10) The wide and rotatable multidirectional monitor lets you easily show your tests in either direction, making it easier to check even different fingers.

11) This Finger pulse oximeter adopts state-of-the-art technology and approved by FDA&CE, also it reliably measures the SpO2 and pulse rate in 5 seconds, and readings are taken for 30 seconds.

TIP: To find the previous readings., long-press the power-off state settings button.


  • Easy Operation
  • Rotating Multi-Directional OLED Display
  • Accurate and Easily Readable
  • Water Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic design


  • Users faced some duplicate product issue
  • Bit Costly

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5. AmbiTech Finger Pulse Oximeter


1) The Finger Pulse Oximeter which occupies the second last spot in the list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use is the AmbiTech Finger Pulse Oximeter which measures Sp02 very accurately, which is a saturation of the peripheral capillary oxygen, an indicator of the blood oxygen content.

2) It measures heart rhythm or pulse rate which is beats per minute. It is meant for periodic inspections of Pulse rate in a clinical setting for adults. Range of measurements: 25–250 bpm. Details: 2 bpm.

3) Quality of Ambitech pulse oximeter is pretty good and totally suits the pulse oximeter price.

4) It is designed to be lightweight and portable, the carry is comfortable which comes with long battery life on the screen, along with charge indicator.

5) This device is perfect for sports activities, and for people who need to monitor their levels of oxygen saturation consistently. Measuring range: Accuracy of 35-100 percent: 2 percent

6) The technologically advanced OLED monitor makes the findings easy to read in low light conditions.

7) Designed to automatically shut down after 10 seconds when no signal is on, thus saving battery.

8) The multidimensional rotating monitor lets you quickly show results in four directions. Then click the Power button to change course.

9) This AmbiTech Finger Pulse Oximeter is designed to match every finger size, it provides trouble-free control at the tip of your finger.


  • Bright OLED Display Screen
  • 4 Direction Rotating Display
  • Good Built quality
  • Accurate Readings
  • Easy To Use
  • Auto Power Off When Not in Use
  • Some People got a thermometer as a gift


  • Non-water Resistant Product

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6. Hesley Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Sensor


1) Last but not least in our list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use is HESLEY pulse oximeter comes with high efficiency and clear applicability, accredited by experts in the health care industry. It accurately tests the SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level) and pulse rate in around 10 seconds.

2) Due to its large OLED display SpO2, pulse rate, pulse rate bar graph, and pulse rate waveform can be clearly read.

3) This Pulse Oximeter ideal for athletes, including mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, who need to test their SpO2 and pulse rate which fluctuate suddenly indifferent conditions.

4) This oximeter also automatically turns off when there is no signal in the sensor within 5 seconds. 2 AAA batteries also included in the kit could be continuously worked for more than 30 hours.

5) It has a large and rotatable multi-directional display that allows you to easily view your results in any direction, offering 4 different layout options.

6) Usually, heart rate is about 60-100 times a minute for healthy adults but during certain unexpected situations, this device helps to calculate your heart rate accurately.

7) It helps to accurately test the SPO2 amount in your body, in which standard SpO2 values range from 90 to 100%.

8) Using the Hesley pulse oximeter you will know the values of the PI for a very low pulse range from 0.05 percent to 20 percent for an extremely strong pulse.


  • Accurate Readings
  • Lower Power consumption
  • OLED 4 Side Rotating Display
  • Good Quality
  • Compact and Pocket Friendly


  • Non-Water Resistance
  • Some times Misbehave

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Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use: Buying Guide

  1. Accuracy

The main reason you buy a pulse oximeter is to measure your oxygen saturation and heart rate, so the first thing you need to look for is precision when you buy an oximeter. ± 2%

The above level of accuracy would be adequate for testing to verify whether your Spo2 levels are within the normal range.

Accuracy is very important if you are looking for Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use. You can get assured accuracy by purchasing an oximeter from a reputable company.

2. Finger Size

In the worst case, you may get incorrect readings or not read them at all if your finger doesn’t fit the selected pulse oximeter.

Are you sure you have selected the correct pulse oximeter?

The new models come with an adjustable spring mechanism that suits a wide range of children to adult finger sizes. So before going for the Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use, you must choose these models of pulse oximeter which will be flexible for all family members.

  1. Display Size

Since a pulse oximeter is a small medical device, it is important to consider the display size of the device, because if you have a larger display, the data displayed on the device will be easily visible.

The ability to view the numbers displayed on the monitor under various lighting conditions is an important aspect to consider while reading. Make sure the instrument can display the data both in the daytime and at night.

  1. Bright Display

Depending on your personal preference choose from the monitor and backlit pulse oximeter or multiple combinations of backlight and font color.

Several dimmable oximeters are supplied. This will help you use the oximeter under all conditions of lighting. If your computer has multiple viewing angles, you do not have to strain from your screen when reading content. This is the important point you should look for before going for Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use.

  1. Warning Systems

There are 3 alert systems that you can look for in the unit before you buy a pulse oximeter

Irregular heartbeat: When your pulse is not as steady as it should be, you’ll get an alert for arrhythmia (anomalous pulse).
Low SpO2: When you have blurred vision or dizziness due to incorrect O2 concentration you can see this reading on display, this alarm beep or buzzer may be very useful for low SpO2 concentrations.
Low battery: If this indicator is low on the battery, it will be helpful for people who rely on an oximeter to treat diseases.

  1. Response Time

Older versions of oximeters take about 30 seconds to read, while the later version takes around 10 seconds to calculate the reading.

  1. Durability

Durability is a big factor to consider when purchasing an oximeter. In some situations, an oximeter of poor quality can endanger your life. A strong and accurate pulse oximeter can produce the best long term performance.

A good quality oximeter can withstand drops to the ground, be waterproof and also protect against moisture (because this can lead to incorrect readings or system damage).

Performance avoids incorrect readings and avoids device failure. There are removable cases of silicone that come with multiple oximeters protecting your device from scratches and keeping drips and dents away.

  1. Battery life

Battery life is the primary search function; if you plan on using the oximeter daily, this will help.

There are two options; you spend rechargeable lithium batteries, or you get marginally cheaper AAA batteries and the last 30 minimum working hours. You have to select the Finger pulse oximeter which is long-lasting so this is the very main point if you are going for the best pulse oximeter in India.

  1. Automatically Activated

Automatically switched on means the oximeter automatically switches on when you put down your finger. Although this function is not so important for day-to-day use, it is important and helpful in an emergency where you need to test your heart rate or SpO2 levels.

  1. Ease of use

The pulse oximeter should be very simple and easy to use, you do not require any technical or specialist knowledge.

Using this device is very easy: you get the readings on the screen by simply bringing the device to your finger and pressing the and alt buttons. If you have a large screen device, that’s going to be even easier. This is the main point you must consider before going for the Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use.

  1. Portability

Oximeters must be compact and can be taken with you in cases where you need to track SpO2 rates while you’re in sports or as a pilot; the oximeter must be lightweight enough to be worn around your neck or in your pocket.

Select the device that comes with a cord, since you can turn the device on if you put it in your pocket. You must choose a pulse oximeter that is portable to use.

  1. Size

If you’re worried about size, check the sizes before you buy. The pulse oximeters are usually about 5 centimeters long and 2, 5 centimeters high. You should not get confused in the size when you buy the best pulse oximeter for home use in India

How A Finger Pulse Oximeter Works?

For further information, if you are fond of how a pulse oximeter works so you are clear that you are working with the best pulse oximeter for home use you must know how a pulse oximeter works. A special instrument consisting of a light source, and a photodetector is used to determine the blood color. In general, LEDs are used as a light source, emitting 2 types of signals: red (660 nm) and infrared (940 nm).

The purpose of the work is as follows: a finger is inserted in the tool in a special recess, in which it is tightly positioned between two coverings of the housing. The signal source is located on the lower cover of the housing in the standard arrangement, and the photodetector at the top.

The light emitted from the bottom of the LED passes through the finger tissue and is picked up on top of the unit by a receiver. Soft tissues and capillaries partly absorb light that passes through them. The degree of absorption depends directly on the amount of oxygen in the blood (we have already said that the blood can change from bright red to dark red depending on the level of oxygen level.

The photodetector records the light going through the finger and sends all the data to the microprocessor, which measures the oxygen level in the blood based on the comparison of two signals (sent by the source and obtained by the photodetector).

How To Measure Saturation Correctly At Home?

You need to understand how it functions, to use a pulse oximeter correctly. It consists of a peripheral sensor, microprocessor, and display displaying the pulse rate as a curve, and the saturation of blood oxygen as a digital value.

A sensor is mounted on the finger, where the source of light is located. As the light flux moves through the tissues, it is partly absorbed by soft tissues, and the degree of this absorption depends directly on hemoglobin saturation in the blood.

A photodetector tracks changes in blood color and the resulting value is determined by the microprocessor. Heart rate is calculated over time according to the number of LED cycles and beeps.

These data may be collected by observing the composition of the measured blood or gas before the advent of pulse oximeters. In the first case, it takes an intrusive effect, and the second is not very precise. You can’t use any of these at home.

The pulse oximeter has more desirable characteristics against this backdrop. No skin puncture is required to calculate saturation, no special skills are needed and the results are displayed on display immediately.

To get the accurate results you need the best Pulse Oximeter, so we have mentioned the list of Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use.

Precautions And Tips When Using A Finger Pulse Oximeter

After purchasing Best Pulse Oximeter Online from the above list of Best Pulse Oximeter For Home Use you must note down few points points:

  • Nail and finger polish can conflict with the efficient and precise calculation of pulse oximeters. Use the earlobe for calculation in these situations.
  • The accuracy of the readings can also be compromised by bright sunlight or some other bright screen images. Also, take indoor spo2 tests where lighting conditions are natural or dimly illuminated to better results. That will give you a precise reading.
  • People with circulatory or respiratory ailments may experience irregularities in their SpO2 readings. Take care, then, and read the system instructions.
  • The body may be shivering violently in cold weather. Which can result in inaccurate readings? So keep calm and simple when you use a pulse oximeter to check your level of SpO2.
  • Whenever you find that your pulse oximeter shows SpO2 rates below 80%, you may need to go to the hospital as a matter of urgency. These devices can sometimes be imprecise and unreliable. You will then take readings in various locations and then equate them with someone who is good.
  • Maintain clean and scratch-free clip and light source. Any obstruction to the light source can give incorrect readings and transmit light through the skin into the bloodstream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Of Pulse Oximeter

Do all pulse oximeters have an auto power-off function?

The devices turn off after a few seconds of inactivity since most are designed to save energy. Although not all pulse oximeters have that feature.

Does the pulse oximeter measure CO2 retention?

A pulse oximeter simply measures the oxygen and heart rate of the blood, which does not measure CO2.

How accurate are finger pulse oximeters?

The oxygen levels are relatively correct from a pulse oximeter. It gives a reading with a precision of ± 2 percent depending on your saturation point.

What is the normal SpO2 level?

Healthy levels of oxygen in the blood are necessary to provide the muscles the strength they need to work, which improves with exercise. Poor oxygenation of the blood occurs when the SpO2 value is less than 95%.
Standard SpO2 values vary between 95 and 100%.

Which Is The Best Pulse Oximeter In India: Winning Product

From the above list of 6 Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use, we have chosen the winning pulse oximeter which is Dr Trust Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter (Professional Series) which has the highest accuracy, comfort design, easy to use, and mainly thousands of positive reviews from Amazon.

Final Words:

Here I conclude my article on Best Finger Pulse Oximeter For Home Use. Pulse Oximeters have become very important in this crucial time of this pandemic.

And there you have our top picks for the best finger pulse oximeters for home use. Whether you need a basic model or one with more bells and whistles, there’s an accurate and reliable option for you. We hope our detailed reviews have helped you understand the key factors like accuracy, ease of use and extra features so you can choose the right pulse oximeter for your needs and budget. Home monitoring of your blood oxygen levels is important, especially if you have a respiratory condition, so investing in a quality oximeter gives you peace of mind. We hope you’ve found this guide useful in finding the best pulse oximeter for your home. Let us know if you have any other questions as you start monitoring your oxygen levels. Wishing you the best of health!

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